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Dec 16 2007

50 Countries Showcase

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The Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition (SIMA) will hold a vast program, from April 9 to 11 of 2008, of conferences and round tables – focused on the globalisation of the international tourist, emerging and mature real estate markets. It will continue to do so in collaboration with local associations such the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the European Network of Real estate Professionals (CEPI), the European Confederation of Real Estate Agents (ECREA) and several other local associations including the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa (IEASA).

SIMA´s International Programme, where professionals from more than 50 countries will meet, is held at the environment of SIMA which with more than 160 000 visitors, 800 exhibitors from 28 different countries and 100 000m2 of exhibiting area is the largest worldwide real estate exhibition. This programme will bring developers, brokers, agents, legal advisors, real estate consultants and investors from more than 50 markets to Madrid, and will analyse business opportunities in many parts of Europe and abroad. “Without a doubt, the annual SIMA exhibition is the main platform of the industry in Europe and offers formidable opportunities to establish contacts; it’s also an important reference for the real estate professionals in both inside Europe, and outside Europe. It gives people from all around the globe opportunities to meet, to learn from each other’s experiences and to do business.” Says Colin Gorvett of PRO-PROP Property Consultants, who has become key partners in the internationalisation of SIMA and which they consider a major forum for South African real estate professionals.

Exhibitor AttendanceThe main goal of SIMA´s International programme is to offer a professional environment that creates business and networking opportunities. This year, the International Professional Programme will be focused on the second homes markets and emerging markets. “In the last years we experienced an increased interest for northern European markets. Many investors, mainly in residential real estate, come from this region and developers need to better understand how they make business. But these markets are important also for another reason. An important number of young and fast growing companies from Spain, Italy, Ireland look at opportunities to invest in real estate, not just in Eastern Europe, but also in regions and countries like Germany, the Benelux and Scandinavia.” says Santiago Hererros de Tejada, International Director for SIMA. He adds that South Africa’s presence at SIMA over the past two years has generated growing interest in the Southern African markets.

SIMA is an excellent platform for professionals to meet directly with developers from more than 28 countries who are looking for opportunities to establish new sales networks abroad. It is a perfect place for professionals who want to attract investments to their local markets. Several networking hours will be organized at SIMA’s International Business Centre (IBC), where people will be able to network and contact with colleagues and associations from more than 50 markets.

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  2. In 2008, SIMA will for the first time host a European stand, managed by CEPI (The European Council of the real estate). For the first time, CEPI and SIMA08 also offer to organise some visits to real estate developments.

  3. “Being part of SIMA is an achievement, there are few companies that make it to SIMA and Landco Development will be in this exclusive group for the first time. We will take to SIMA the best of the company, and the best of Houston. We promise to make the best representation for the city and the state, with responsibility we will show why Houston is the new core for real estate in the US at affordable prices,” stated Oscar Acosta – partner of Landco Development.

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