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Oct 12 2007

A Diverse Community

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ATHLONE’s stable community is diverse

in culture – with it’s Muslim, Christian and Hindu communities
in income – with income groups ranging from very rich to very poor
in areas – with it’s affluent areas of Hatton estate, Rylands, Rondebosch East; and poor areas of Bridgetown, Silvertown, Quewtown.

Over the past 3 or 4 years after years of neglect, there has been a spurt of development (such as the renovation of the Athlone Stadium and Klipfontein Corridor), and the area has seen a big surge in prices of properties (especially in Rondebosch East, which has seen the most fantastic growth in the past 3/4 years). The average price of a property is between R800 000 and R1 000 000; which is comparable to the rest of South Africa.

“The area is made popular by it’s offering of a great variety of churches, mosques, and temples; it’s easy access to the main transport routes to Cape Town; easy access to schools; and the great variety of malls and shops such as Kennilworth Centre, Gatesville Shopping Center, and Vangate Shoping Mall.” says area specialist Russell Heynes of PRO-PROP.

On average, the people of Athlone move twice in their lifetime, and the average homeowner has their original home (or they are at there 2nd home). The younger buyers, of which there has been a great demand from the Muslim community, like living close to their parents – where they can be independent and bring their children up with traditional values.

Athlone has seen a great improvement in the quality and diversity of homes, because of the younger buyers improving the homes that they buy.

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