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Oct 31 2007

Brighten Your Garden

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CosmosOur previous article on Tips for Painting is followed be an equally important aspect of the property. And with the festive season looming this is a good time to give your garden some attention, to ensure that the first impression that your home offers is a welcoming one!

Fertilise lawns every six weeks with organic lawn fertiliser granules, watering in well after application. Mow lawns weekly. Vary the mowing pattern to avoid compaction. Remove weeds in the lawn to prevent seeding.

Remove weeds in flowerbeds while small to ensure minimal disturbance to the roots of annuals and perennials. This light loosening of the soil is beneficial, as it allows water to reach the roots of plants.

Plant Lavatera, Cosmos, and Dahlias to create vertical interest and height in summer borders.
The water wise Bearded Irises also play their part, not only when they produce their graceful flower spikes, but also because of their year-round sword-like foliage.

Spread a mulch (7cm) around shrubs and flowerbeds as this helps retain moister, reduces the need to water, and inhibits the growth of weeds. The soil should be well watered before mulching.

Most garden shops and nurseries will gladly offer free advice to help you.

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