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Oct 30 2009

Buildings Shifting Shape

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Immobiliare … or immobilier, or immobillien … the word for Real Estate used in Latin languages translates to “an unmovable property”. This is about to change!

Italian architect Dr. David Fisher , honoured as the worldwide Architect of the Year 2008 by The Developer & Builders Alliance, has created the concept of a building changing shape – which is completely revolutionary and has fascinated millions all over the globe.According to Dr Fisher, (architect of the renowned Dynamic Tower – to be constructed first in Dubai) these buildings will be designed by all of us, at any given moment, and will be shaped according to our needs, our present concepts of design and quite importantly, our moods – as an expression of freedom, beginning for the first time in history to control the shape of our homes and cities.

Dynamic Tower is the first building in motion that will change its shape and add a fourth dimension to architecture – Time. The shape will be determined by each floor’s direction of rotation, speed, acceleration and the timing; with timing meaning how each floor rotates compared to the other. The rotation speed will be between 60 minutes and 24 hours for one revolution.

Residents, if they own the entire floor, are able to control the speed and direction of the rotation by voice command. One can have breakfast watching the sunrise, lunch viewing the open sea, and dinner overlooking the lights of the city – all from the same place inside their unit. The other floors will be commanded by the architect, by the mayor or whoever will have the password to the computer program that will give the building a different shape at every glance.

Aside from the changing view, the movement will create a different approach to our space. “Designed by Life, Shaped by Time” is the concept of the Dynamic Tower according to Dr. Fisher’s vision of the future of architecture.

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