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R 6,500
63 m² 1 bed 1 bath

Pay Per Service

Pay as you go!

Hire an estate agent by the hour!

Buyers … Not wanting a “full service” … select from a “menu” of the services we provide to consumers.

“Menu of Services”

  • How to select an agent – agency and representation
  • Financing alternatives
  • Understanding the contract
    • Deposit
    • Purchase costs/Contingencies and how they work
    • Arbitration and mediation provision
    • Inspection provisions
  • Disclosure requirement
  • Neighbourhood information
  • How value is determined
  • Develop a client’s needs profile
  • Screen inventory for buyer, filter those who do not match buyers
  • Provide transportation to properties offered for sale
  • Provide access to properties/arrange for viewings
  • Provide information about each specific property shown
  • Find properties offered
  • Provide information about general areas
    • Demographical
    • Community
    • Tax and local fees
    • Transportation
  • Show buyers how to search on the Internet
  • Represent the buyeras their Agent – negotiate in their best interest
  • Assist in determining the purchase/contract price
  • Prepare the written offer
  • Present offer
  • Write counter offer
  • Deliver counter offers
  • Work with counter offers – negotiate
  • Continue with the disclosure process
  • Handle deposits money
  • Deliver transfer instructions
  • Explain the transfer/registration process and instructions
  • Coordinate buyer and home loan lender
  • Communicate with applicable parties
    • Pest Control Inspection
    • Electrical compliance inspection
    • Gas compliance inspection
    • Plumbing compliance inspection
    • Electric fencing inspection
    • Valuers & HomeLoans
    • Conveyancing Attorney
  • Negotiate and communicate potential amendments during the conveyancing process
  • Review registration/transfer statement
  • Southern Suburbs, Cape Town