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Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

Dec 29 2010

Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

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Cape Town Minstrel CarnivalIt’s summer in Cape Town and the New Year is celebrated in great raucous style in the form of a carnival. The parades are huge flamboyant affairs with grand costumes, wonderful marching bands, singing, dancing and more. Needless to say, few Capetonians make it to work on the 2nd of January.

The carnival has its roots in the creole culture that formed at the Cape over hundreds of years from the interaction and intermingling of indigenous African groups, European settlers, Muslim slaves from the Indonesian archipelago, and people from a variety of other backgrounds. Freed slaves in Cape Town developed their own cycle of festivals in December and January, among them the Tweede Nuewe Jaar (“Second New Year”), which is celebrated on January 2nd and is a kind of independence day for the coloured community.

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  • Southern Suburbs, Cape Town