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Dec 05 2007

Electrical Certificate of Compliance

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A report back on a meeting held with Johnny Olivier (Financial Director) of the Electrical Contracting Board and NAREA (National Association of Real Estate Agencies) confirmed the following regarding the issue of Certificates of Compliance.

  1. The purpose of the COC remains the ensuring of safety in an electrical installation;
  2. It is presently enforceable in terms of the Occupation and Safety Act 85 of 1993;
  3. The requirements of the Code of Practice (SANS 10142-1 code for the wiring of premises) must be complied with, failing which no person shall sell or market that installation;
  4. A user or lessor shall obtain a COC from a registered electrical contractor so as to certify the installation and that any non-compliance items, if any rectified;
  5. Where installations were completed prior to 01 March 1994, the issuing of a COC by an accredited contractor was subject to the installation being “reasonably safe”;
  6. Where there has been a change of ownership of an installation after 01 January 1994 or additions/alterations of premises pre 01 march 1994, issuing of a COC is a legal obligation;
  7. Where additions/alterations have been done, an additional certificate or completely new one must be obtained. One can ask the accredited person (electrician) to issue the COC for that circuit or alteration and have it as an addendum;
  8. A COC is transferable provided that the user / lessor kept the maintenance on such an installation;
  9. Should there be a invalid COC, a seller would be in breach of a contract of sale as he would effectively be in breach of a legal requirement upon him in terms of the aforementioned Act;
  10. It is possible for the buyer to undertake to obtain the COC. In this case this arrangement must be in writing, signd by both seller and buyer.

This report is reproduced with kind permission of Portia Tau-Sekati (CEO) of NAREA.

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