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Mar 09 2008

Fish Hoek (Valyland)

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The modern Valyland shoping centre was developed by a Mr. Cronwright on land that in the early 1950’s was a kraal for dairy cows and horses.

The area was known as Cron Dairies, and they delivered milk by horse and cart from Simonstown to Lakeside. The cows were milked on the premises where the milk was bottled and corked before being loaded into wire crates for delivery. Milk was also delivered daily from Silvermine farm.

This process lasted until pasteurisation of milk became law, at which time all the cows were sold and milk was collected at the van Riebeek Dairies on a daily basis for delivery. The milk from Silvermine also had to be sent to the pasteurisation plants.

Later on the whole process was improved by doing away with the horses and carts and the introduction of electric driven carts to deliver the milk. This method then continued until the supermarkets took over all milk sales and Cron Dairies were given a few days to stop operations.

After this Valyland shopping centre was erected to serve the top end of Fish Hoek valley.

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