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Dec 06 2010

Gifts 4 Good

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Cause marketing in social media is essentially finding new and creative ways to promote charities, charitable events and other causes with those you are connected with on the various social platforms. People always want to help, but aren’t always aware of deserving causes, people with needs, or special circumstances, so helping bring these things to light in social media will often help organizations or people achieve goals much faster.

South Africa has around 56 000 registered NGOs and South Africans give about R18 billion per year to good causes. In the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report South Africa’s social indicators (which include HIV/Aids, poverty, education, mortality) still rank within the bottom 15 nations of the 130-odd nations despite all this monetary investment to social causes. While companies have and are giving away thousands every year, it’s clear that money alone doesn’t change hearts. It seems people often resort to handing out money rather than giving of their time and talents.

Cause marketing is actually not social media based but is a classic marketing practice, where a not-for-profit and a business team up to help raise funds or awareness. It has been widely adopted for use in social media and is sometimes mistakenly believe to be only prevalent in social media.

So, if this festive season you can’t give of your time and talents, but still feel the need to give – visit the shopping basket at Gifts 4 Good

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