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Jul 18 2009

Great Family Activity

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Family LineTake yourself on a journey of self-discovery! Researching your family tree has become very popular, raising interest in many people as to where their ancestors came from, how they got here, and what they were doing.

Humans have always been interested in where they came from. The Bible shows many genealogies of biblical personalities. Many cultures passed their family line orally through the ages; and the nobility of Europe kept detailed family trees.

The current Queen of Denmark claims to be able to trace her linage back to King Gorm who lived around 800AD. The Chinese out do all other cultures in genealogical record keeping. Chinese genealogy records (Jia Pu in Chinese) have been kept for centuries dating back to the Song Dynasty of the 10th century.

Read and learn more at FAMILY LINE. Family Line websites consist of a complete Family Tree builder, simple to use for the amateur and advanced genealogist alike.They offer a full online package for you to build your family tree!

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