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Dec 20 2007

Income For Life

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Paramount Wealth Group, a Cleveland-based Real Estate Brokerage, announces the appointment of Colin Gorvett as the exclusive Income for Life Business Systems operator in the Western Cape of S.A.

Income for Life Business Systems provides turnkey services and training to Property Investors, using a proprietary and methodical approach to create true financial independence through property investment. Launched by Cleveland real estate broker and Paramount Wealth Group President Rob Minton in 2004, Income for Life now operates internationally with operations in more than 50 markets across the U.S.A, and Canada; and now South Africa

Since the system has been offered to other markets, Minton has been contacted by more than 10,000 professional real estate practitioners who desperately want to be considered for this opportunity. Less than one-third of 1 percent of these individuals are accepted to implement this unique investing approach in their local market places.

Colin was selected from among the many because of his qualifications.

“I have hand-picked and teamed up with Colin to help me bring my real estate investing strategies and secrets to South Africa, and more specifically the Cape Town area,” said Minton, who is a nationally recognised real estate investing expert and author. “I chose Colin because of his extensive experience in the real estate industry.

“Colin is truly accomplished as an expert adviser, mentor, and coach for his investors. He continually moves his clients forward and helps them get where they want to go, and he understands his clients’ needs and applies his real estate experience to create paths to financial independence for them. With his unique abilities to identify opportunities, Colin successfully guides his clients throughout the investment process.”

Having visited several countries abroad recently Colin is convinced that South Africa has much to offer property investors, particularly local investors. “When one compares our market to those of the US, parts of Europe, and the Middle East we still have it good. Furthermore, when you consider our (South African) property markets of the early 1980’s when banks were severely restricted in their lending and interest rates rose into the 20’s; and again in the early 1990’s when banks waived registration costs to gain market share you have to agree that our current market is far from slow.”

Minton is a CPA who left the world of public accounting to pursue a career in real estate. He has since been a successful Realtor and Broker, but he sidestepped conventional wisdom by narrowing the focus of his brokerage practice to the real estate investment realm. An investor in all types of properties himself, his Income for Life program of deals with residential family homes in desirable locations bought and sold with a proven rent-to-own method.

Anyone interested in this program should call 084 335 1549, or fax their name and postal address to 086 513 1622 – for a free report while stocks last.

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6 Replies to “Income For Life”

  1. Income for Life promotes a system for investors to buy “Nice Homes in Nice Areas” as apposed to chasing the proverbial ‘good deal’ and buying homes for renovation in not so good areas.

    Read the commentary of Tom Karadza, on the benefits of the Buy Nice Homes in Nice Areas property investment strategy.

  2. Chris Thomas says:

    “I just purchased my first rental property last month. I signed a Rent to Own contract this week to sell this home to my tenant for R143 000.00 more.”

  3. Dave Raischel says:

    “I have been very impressed with your real estate investment approach. Since attending your investment seminar, I have acquired one investment property with plans for some additional units in the near future. I will put the property I just purchased on Autopilot as outlined by your team. You have directed me through the process with every step along the way, from the purchase through the tenant/buyer selection, which has saved me both time and money! Not only did you help negotiate a favourable purchase price, but you provided me with the best tools to generate tenant/buyer interest, which increased the property’s marketability. Your program has generated a significant number of callers, which will allow me to screen through and find the best possible tenant/buyer. I would highly recommend your services to anyone thinking of investing in real estate.”

  4. Matt Bobbey says:

    “Income for Life has helped me acquire 10 homes over an eight-year period. I would estimate that my net worth has been increased by approximately $500,000.00.”

  5. C. Meyers says:

    Welcome and well done! Two thumbs up to Income For Life in regards to Business Plan For Rental Property! Tuesday I was thinking the exact same thing. This is a VERY interesting line of thought.

  6. Sam Bell says:

    Regardless of the type of real estate investing you are considering doing. Based on my 6 years of investing experience, people who are educated in the investing process and understand investing strategies are the most successful. Happy investing and I hope this resource is a benefit for you.

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