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Mar 04 2009

Make Your Seconds Count

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Life is beyond positive thinking for positive thinking sake. Do you find yourself looking to the future and hoping that it will be a better life than your past? For some people their life purpose is to live for the future, they are looking forward with enthusiasm to their retirement, getting a better job; earning more money. While they should enjoy life they are prepared to postpone their happiness waiting for some future goal to come about.

Well perhaps this could shock one or two of you reading this article when I tell you to stop living for the future.

Let me ask you a couple of questions:

1} Can you change what has happened in your past?
2} Can you do something beyond positive thinking now that will make a change life and make tomorrow better?

Now to me that is a no brainer, if I cannot alter what has happened in the past but can through positive affirmations put into action today something that will make my future a better place, there is only one choice >>>>>>> Carry out positive thinking today to make my future better.

Now that we have established that, have you realized that you can only live for this fleeting moment. It is all you have control over, and as soon a one second passes it is gone for good you will never ever get it back.

It is vital that you prepare to do something in the next second of your life that will have a positive bearing on the next second and the next and the next and the one after that.

You have got no time for negativity.

It is vital that you keep striving toward the betterment of your life, but you must also be able to enjoy yourself while you are creating a better life.

Life is short, so why should you not enjoy life for every second that you live, no matter what negativity is going on around you. Wars, famine, the economy are outside of your direct control so why let them prevent you from carrying out actions that will improve your future and help you enjoy life at this precise moment.

People are usually depressed and unhappy when they are doing or thinking about negative things, fill your life with positive thoughts and actions and you underwrite your future and create happiness all around while you are doing so.

The only way you can do this is to set smart goals and realize that the present moment is all that you will ever experience. Both your past and your future are abstracts of your mind. The only intimate, real experience is that of this moment, at this precise second (oops! Sorry there goes another one.) Within this moment is your ability to make changes in your life. If you cannot be happy now and enjoy life, when can you be happy?

Too many people allow seconds to slip by as if they were unimportant, the next second could be the most important second of your life. Try asking a dying person which is the most precious second?

Take this second to look around you, relax in the quietness of your mind, going beyond positive thinking and goal setting, become aware of the world that surrounds you, by relaxing, your mind will enter into a contemplative mood and will replace the anxiety you get from focusing on your past or your future. You will gradually become aware of the NOW, the eternal now that you exist in, the vital seconds that are taking place as you relax. You will begin to feel the power that is available to you this very second and how it can be used to make tomorrow a brighter place where you will attain your new life and goals without stress or any forcing.

Live life by the second they are your NOW!

About the Author: Over 25+ years in personal development David now reaches out through his books, blog and articles to help individuals achieve their life goals. Visit http://inthefootstepsofgiants for free information and help. Article Source

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