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Jul 27 2008

Moving Home

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Mov'n HouseMoving home can be traumatic for children and animals. Keeping them in mind, and preparing for the day of your move well in advance, will help keep the stress of the day to a minimum for the whole family.

David Mullany describes his moving experience in The Property Magazine.

To make the event a little easier, here are some tips that can help your move go smoothly.

Moving Companies … Remember to book well in advance!

  • Get a binding estimate from the moving company. Make sure the amount is written in the contract.
  • Inquire about their on-time record.
  • Movers are limited regarding what they give you for lost or damaged goods. To cover potential damage, check your existing homeowner’s policy.
  • Have the contract include a guarantee of how many hours the job will take, allowing an overrun of no more than 10%.
  • Be sure all charges are listed on contract.
  • Inform the moving company of how many stairs are at your new home.
  • Watch loading and unloading and examine all items carefully before signing a receipt.
  • Document an inventory of your belongings before you pack.

Packing Tips

  • Keep handy for packing: Strong boxes, marking pen, bubble wrap, newspaper and tissue, tape and scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Pack audio-video equipment in their original boxes. Label cables and tighten transit screws. If removing screws, tape them to the objects they are removed from.
  • Avoid loading more than 35kg into one box.
  • Label each box and mark: (1) Which room it should go in (2) Whether it is fragile (3) If it should be loaded last so it will be offloaded first.
  • Save room by using towels and blankets to wrap fragile items.
  • Pack books tightly on end in small boxes.
  • Have rugs and curtains cleaned before moving and leave them in wrappings for the move.
  • Pack medicines in a leak proof container.
  • Carry all valuables with you.

On The Day Of Your Move

  • Set the boxes aside and mark “DO NOT LOAD” that you don’t want be taken on the moving van. Close the boxes and punch air holes in the top of boxes with plants before loading into your car.
  • Park your car in a shaded area in the summer and a sunny spot in the winter.
  • Don’t plan on cooking!!


Read also the article A moving experience, by David Mullany

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