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Feb 05 2008

Noordhoek (Avondrust)

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This was a vegetable farm of great importance in the early 60’s. The farm consisted of dry land (that was irrigated) and vlei land that was water logged in the winter months. The Vlei land was used to hunt wild ducks in winter.

The farm belonged to a Mr. Huskisson, married to a Smit girl from Silvermine.

What made the farm so important was the fact that the dry land produced earlier than usual crops for the Cape Town market. These crops included Cauliflower, Cabbage, and Potato. Some of the dry land was hired from Sir Drummond Chapman of Chapman Estate. (Later bought by the late councilor John Wiley and developed as an upmarket housing estate). And in Summer the Vlei land dried and produced the highest quality Tomatoe, Lettuce, and Beetroot.This really was a great farm with a river running through down the middle of the farm.

In the late 70’s the Huskisson’s sold the farm and moved to Kraaifontein to become a wine and Guava farmer. His family is still farming this land.

Avondrust is now a residential area with many horse owners living on what was the old farm.

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