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Mar 21 2008

Property Investment Models

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There are typically 3 property investor models for investment in property.

1. Buy to Rent (Buy and Hold)
This model is the traditional investment method of old where the investor becomes a professional landlord—with the core business being the acquisition of property and the management of tenants.
Inherent risks of this model are the cost of vacancy (unlet units), ongoing maintenance, and handling of tenants within the ever changing laws and regulations

2. Buy to Sell (Fixer up or Flipping)
The riskiest of models in which the odds are against the investor from the outset, and a model that many regard as gambling.
In this model any delay in reselling the unit, unexpected costs in renovation and improvement, or over estimation of selling price (value) will erode the projected profit and possibly even the investors capital.

3. Income For Life (Rent 2 Own)
This is a simple, practical plan that eliminates most of the risk of managing tenants, removes the risks of ‘flipping’ and allows the investor to turn nice family homes (no fixing up ‘TLC’ homes) into 24 homes by having homes buy homes.
For more detail on this, get the report by calling one of our agents.

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4 Replies to “Property Investment Models”

  1. Bulgeria investment property says:

    This post provide total information about models in property investments. I understood from this post rent to own model is safest in real estate business. Thank you for your information..

  2. Kirby Willoughby says:

    Hi I would like to find how to apply for this “Rent to own” Homes? Do you have homes available or are you just the consultants. Please let me as i need a home ASAP.

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