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Vaastu Sastra

Jan 04 2011

Sources to Health, Wealth and Prosperity

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Vaastu SastraThe World of Vaastu, Crystal Gridding & Feng Shui!

The home and office are where we expect to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We expect to enjoy our peace & happiness, progress & prosperity, health & wealth and the faith & spiritual development from our home or work place. Conforming to the principles of Vaastu, Crystal Gridding or Feng Shui brings mental peace and prosperity to the occupants of a house, office, business or factory premises in the shape of good business progress with the least possible tensions, domestic bliss of a high order, happiness …

The philosophy and concept of Vaastu Sastra has more to do with complex mathematical calculations along with the energy lines of the earth;
The magnetic compass was invented for Feng Shui and has been in use since its invention. Traditional Feng Shui instrumentation consists of the Luopan or the earlier south-pointing spoon; and
The gridding process sets up a vibration creating high frequency energy through crystals with which people begin to sympathetically resonate with, not only physically but in terms of consciousness as well.

Faith is not a prerequisite to success. Instead effective creation of energy and positive vibration, flow of balance and harmony are required.

The Principles of these disciplines are based on precepts laid down thousands of years ago.
Crystal Gridding is a process of arranging quartz crystals into Sacred Geometric Patterns and performing a ceremony intending to access higher levels of consciousness.
In case the of Vaastu Sastra, this is in Indian classics like the Puranas and Vedas. It concerns the order – the harmony – of heaven and earth and ways in which we as humans can keep the balance of humans intact.
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive qi.

Sciences and ancient wisdoms that have survived through centuries for the positive energy and currents from the cosmos, to enter the home or office, bringing harmony and balance.

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5 Replies to “Sources to Health, Wealth and Prosperity”

  1. Nolic says:

    SALEM, Mass.—There’s a certain look and feel to a foreclosed home, and 31 Arbella St. has it: fraying carpet, missing appliances, foam insulation poking through cracked walls.

    That doesn’t faze buyer Tony Barletta since he plans a gut renovation anyway. It’s the bad vibes that bother him.

    So two weeks before closing, Mr. Barletta followed witch Lori Bruno and warlock Christian Day through the three-story home. They clanged bells and sprayed holy water, poured kosher salt on doorways and raised iron swords at windows.
    Cleansing Foreclosed Homes of Bad Vibes

    “Residue, residue, residue is in this house. It has to come out,” shouted Ms. Bruno, a 70-year-old who claims to be a descendant of 16th-century Italian witches. “Lord of fire, lord flame, blessed be thy holy name…All negativity must be gone!”

    The foreclosure crisis has helped resurrect an ancient tradition: the house cleansing. Buyers such as Mr. Barletta are turning to witches, psychics, priests and feng shui consultants, among others, to bless or exorcise dwellings.

    Sellers, too, are adopting the trend to help move a property stuck on the market.

    In recent months, foreclosure and other distressed sales have represented about a third of all home sales, according to the National Association of Realtors. With so many foreclosures riddling the market, some buyers find that a coat of paint is hardly enough to rid a house of its creepy quotient.

    “It’s not entities or ghosts that we’re dealing with anymore,” says Julie Belmont, a so-called intuitive who works in Orange County, Calif., where 40% of home sales last year were distress sales. “With foreclosures, a lot of it is energy imprints from past discussions, arguments, money problems. All of that is absorbed by the house.”

    Homeowners of various faiths have turned to different rituals—called house cleansings or space clearings—for centuries. Catholics and Hindus, for example, might ask a priest to bless a new home before moving in. Before their new year, the Chinese cleanse the home to sweep away any bad luck accumulated over the past twelve months.

    Ms. Bruno’s process pulls from a few methods: Ringing bells, she says, breaks up the negative energy of a place. Iron keeps evil spirits away, says Mr. Day, brandishing a sword across the living room.

    Mr. Barletta heard about the pair through his real-estate agent after his offer on the home was accepted. “I’m a spiritual person,” he says. “I just wanted to remove the negative energy first.”

    In Salem, the site of the 1692 witch trials, the occult is a part of the everyday, from the high-school sports team known as the Witches to entrepreneurs such as Mr. Day and Ms. Bruno. He owns the Hex Old World Witchery magic shop downtown and she gives psychic readings there.

    “It’s a very spiritual city,” says Salem real-estate agent Janet Andrews Howcroft.

    But the city’s real-estate market hasn’t been so charmed. Home prices here fell by about a third in the past two years, according to Ms. Howcroft. And Essex, the county that Salem calls home, had the state’s second-highest foreclosure level in October, says the Warren Group, which tracks real-estate data in New England.

    Ms. Howcroft attributes recent requests for house blessings in part to the economic picture here. She counted at least eight transactions last year that involved a house cleansing, compared to the occasional request in prior years.

    The house on Arbella Street is under contract for $167,000, and was appraised for nearly double, pending renovations. But, Ms. Bruno cautioned, that bargain comes with a price. She gestured toward an empty room with “Mike, Age 13” scrawled on the wall in child’s handwriting. “If someone took your home away, how would you feel?”

    Taking her cleansing agent of kosher salt in a bowl of water and lighting a candle, she led the group—including the buyer’s agent—up the stairs. Arriving at the upstairs kitchen, gutted of its cabinetry and appliances, Ms. Bruno yelled into the air: “You will not hurt anything I hold dear. I am the exorcist of your garbage!”

    She is quick to distinguish her services from that of a plain-vanilla psychic. “Unlike psychics, witches know you can change the future,” she explains.

    They might be described as good witches. Ms. Bruno, who feels she is well compensated for her readings, doesn’t charge for her house cleansings—she’s done more than 100, she says. Rather, she considers them to be a form of charity work. “I don’t want to live off people’s sadness,” she says. Fellow Salem witch Lillee Allee also performs house blessings and, like Ms. Bruno, she doesn’t take a fee.

    Elsewhere, others are viewing the rituals as a real business opportunity. Austin, Texas-based feng shui consultant Logynn B. Northrhip is teaming up with Scottsdale, Ariz., real-estate agent Jason Goldberg to offer a package of services to create better vibes in a home, either before sale or after purchase. The two met at a yoga retreat.

    In Sacramento, Calif., realtor Tamara Dorris also used feng shui to help speed the sale of a property that had been on the market for more than a year. She placed a jade plant, believed to bring good financial luck, in a “prosperity corner” and waited.

    “Within two weeks, I had two offers,” she says. “Most homes have at least one or two prosperity flaws. Foreclosed homes have five or six flaws.”

    Sometimes, it’s bad feng shui to even attempt to buy a foreclosure. That was Grace Lee’s discovery as she toured 30 houses in the San Diego area, her consultant Simona Mainini in tow, to find a new home. In the end, Ms. Mainini just advised her to buy new construction, saying it would save her money on repairs and other troubles in the long run.

    “You can keep looking for deals in distressed properties,” Ms. Mainini recalls telling her client. “But they all have an energy that is very weak for money.”

    By S. Mitra Kalita | WSJ

  2. Sue says:

    Got to love this video skit then of an estate agent showing a haunted house!
    Click this link to watch ..

  3. Sue says:

    The spiritual connection to the physical world is about harnessing the positive energy that surrounds us through the ancient Chinese art of placement, arrangement and connectivity known as Feng shui (pronounced “fung schwee”). Feng shui literally means “wind and water” in Chinese. The connective flux or the constant state of change between all five elements—fire, earth, water, wood, and metal—urges us to be in balance and in harmony with nature. There is no greater pathway of least resistance to this invisible energy that is constantly circulating, or ch’i (pronounced chee) than through flowing water. To begin by incorporating water into your environment in a harmonious way, it can bring balance into your life.

    The placement of water and other elemental materials attracts ch’i. While ch’i does tend to gather in certain places, the proper circulation of ch’i may become obstructed or unbalanced in the places where we live, or the areas of a home or office. Then we may experience the adverse effects in many ways. For instance, relationships with other people may be unfulfilling, health may become impaired, or our finances may suffer. There are many different ways to improve ch’i, and one of the best and easiest ways to introduce the principles of Feng shui into your life is with the addition of water.

    Generally speaking, water features are used to stimulate or create wealth or prosperity. Beyond the financial representation itself, richness in the value of life itself is also considered prosperous. Water is represented by several elements in the home such as the colors of black (in the West, black symbolizes seriousness, formality, and wisdom; is also used to increase mental activity and communication) and dark blue (reminds us of nature and conveys a sense of serenity; symbolizes seriousness and dignity). Also representative of water are glass materials, wavy and irregular shapes (symbolizes flexibility, interaction, and adaptability), as well as some household objects: sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, aquariums, pools, glass items, and plumbing. These colors, materials, and shapes all can be linked with one element or another. It’s important to stress that one element should not dominate over the others. For example, too much fire in a room can cause tension and instability.

    In order to understand how water may create prosperity, it’s important to understand the cycles of how the five elements interact to bring balance and harmony. The first cycle is the productive cycle, which is the nurturing cycle where one element produces the next one. The help of this cycle is taken to enhance the positive areas of your home. For instance, fire burns and produces ash (earth) then earth produces metal in its bowels. Metal when heated flows like water and water nourishes wood then wood is the fuel for fire. In the next cycle, the controlling cycle, one element controls the next element. For instance, fire melts metal and metal (axe) cuts wood. Wood then controls earth with its roots and earth restricts the flow of water then water extinguishes fire. Finally, in the weakening cycle, it is exactly the reverse of the productive cycle. If an element produces another element, the former gets weakened in the process. For instance, fire burns wood and wood soaks up all the water. Then water takes strength from metal and metal is extracted from the earth in which earth (ash) is produced from fire.

    Since water is both the literal and symbolic source of life, it improves the ch’i more than most other elements. Slow moving water allows ch’i to accumulate, or even be formed. This is where water fountains become essential to balance life’s energies. Depending on the placement of water fountains, they can enhance different aspects of your life and improve mental health.

    Water fountains bring the soothing sounds of water into your life and are a good way to bring positive energy into the home. For indoors, place a wall fountain in your office or work area. The soothing effect of running water helps reduce tension, while providing symbolic nourishment to increase your income. The stones in the fountain help stabilize your finances so you don’t spend more as you earn more. For outdoors, garden fountains can be used. Like wall fountains, garden fountains are available in materials that are also appropriate for Feng shui such as glass—(again, symbolizes water), stone, ceramic, wood, and metal. These Feng shui material elements go hand-in-hand with the balance you wish to create in your home.

    Birdbaths are also a great addition to your front- or back-yard. Feng shui connects water, which nurtures all life, with money. Birds are also considered lucky, so this cure combines both symbols to increase prosperity.

    Here are some additional Feng shui tips to include more water and the cycle of life into your home or office:

    * Position a mirror to reflect a body of water. This cure is for people who live near a body of water—a lake, the ocean, a river, or a stream. Water, which nourishes all life, can also symbolically nourish your finances and help increase your income. Hang a mirror so that it reflects the view of water and “draws” its wealth-producing energy to you.

    * Install an aquarium in your living room. Aquariums grace many Chinese restaurants and are considered good luck. Because fish are living creatures, they are apt symbols of life, health, and growth, and water nourishes all living things. An aquarium also makes a colorful, calming addition to your interior environment.

    * Replace a washer in a leaky kitchen faucet. A dripping faucet in the kitchen, where wealth is generated, can cause money to slowly leak away.

    * Close toilet lids. Ch’i flows away from your home via drains, especially the toilet. Closing the toilet lid keeps money from “going down the drain.”

    * Close the bathroom door and the shower curtain. By keeping these closed, you prevent ch’i—and prosperity–from slipping away down the drain.

    * Hang a glass wind chime in the window of your office or work space. Glass facilitates mental activity and communication, so this is good for people who work in communication fields, computers, or sales.

    Feng shui reminds us that we’re living with rather than against nature and it benefits both human beings and our environment. Our lives are affected by our physical and emotional environments. Instead of surrounding ourselves with destruction and obstruction, we surround ourselves with openness, cleanliness, and the understanding of life’s essential elements; we are harmonizing ourselves and balancing our lives.

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