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  • Apr 24 2011

    Easter DIY Ideas

    Pesach, Eid, and Easter is upon us and while thoughts turn to religious festival and celebration, hot cross buns and of course chocolate eggs for many of us this time of year represents a time to get out the tools and do some maintenance jobs around the house. So here are some ideas for you…

  • Aug 19 2009

    Why Some Homes Sell

    Why do some houses sell and others don’t? There’s no ultimate answer to this question, … … but here are reasons we believe properties linger on the market: Poor maintenance, including ceiling stains, leaky taps and drains, ancient flooring and kitchens. Bland (and cluttered) interior.

  • Oct 31 2007

    Brighten Your Garden

    Our previous article on Tips for Painting is followed be an equally important aspect of the property. And with the festive season looming this is a good time to give your garden some attention, to ensure that the first impression that your home offers is a welcoming one!

  • Southern Suburbs, Cape Town