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Tag: history

  • Sep 24 2013

    Memories of Plumstead – Part 7

    Plumstead was first mentioned when in 1692 a large portion of land beyond Wynberg and Constantia Valley was granted to free burgers Hendrik Jergens and Johan Barrens. They called it “Rust en Werk” – they endeavoured to farm it. Twenty years later (1712) the land was granted to Hendrik Bouman Brigeraad. After the decline of…

  • Aug 20 2013

    Memories of Plumstead – Part 6

    The Naruna Cinema referred to by Mrs. Venner is known to me as the Palladium and came to my attention when the owner decided to stop operating it and the 1st Naruna Boy Scout Group operated it as a fundraiser. They did so well that they were able to build there Scout Hall nearby in…

  • Jul 20 2013

    Memories 0f Plumstead – Part 5

    Mr. Mendelowitz built many homes in Plumstead in those early years and I remember a row of his “Blue Riband Houses” going up in Prince George Drive service road. Dick Burton Street was, of course, eventually tarred to our great relief, as it used to get very pot-holed and uneven. Before then there was even…

  • Jun 24 2013

    Memories of Plumstead – Part 4

    I was fascinated with Mrs. Ball’s account of early Plumstead in the Southfield Road area, and I started thinking back to when my folks moved to Plumstead. There is a lot I have forgotten but I was quite surprised that I remember as much as I do. My family, name of Mc Allister, moved to…

  • May 23 2013

    Memories of Plumstead – Part 3

    To complete our geography lesson on Plumstead lets start up at the station end of Victoria Road. Immediately in front of us on the right side was the Osman shop. They were an Indian family who lived on the premises at the back of the shop. They were a very well known popular family. Canon…

  • Apr 27 2013

    Memories of Plumstead – Part 2

    We have now crossed over the railway line and are standing with our backs to the railway station. We are looking at the purely residential part of Plumstead, which it still is except for very small portions for business and schools today. My father bought our property at the corner of Firfield and Palatine Roads….

  • Apr 05 2013

    Memories of Plumstead – Part 1

    Miss Alida Ball talks to the editor of Ward Sixteen News and Views. Part 1 I am going to go back 65 years; remember these are childhood memories quite un-researched, and may be a little blurred by the passage of time. Let us go back to 1924. Starting at Plumstead railway station, the centre of…

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