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  • Jul 22 2016

    Feng Shui in Real Estate Sales

    As the awareness of Feng Shui increases, more real estate agents are being asked to show buyers homes with “good” Feng Shui. Knowledge of this ancient and highly respected design philosophy is essential in Real Estate Sales. Literally translated ‘Feng’ means wind and ‘Shui’ mean water. Deeply rooted in connection to nature, Feng Shui is…

  • Jan 01 2014

    Townships Lead House Prices

    Areas formerly classified as black townships under apartheid continue to marginally outperform former white suburbs in terms of house price growth, according to FNB household and property sector strategist John Loos, “for much of the period since 2006”. He said there had been periods in the property cycle in the past 15 years where house…

  • Apr 28 2008

    Investor, Speculator, or House Buyer?

    Investors are not the typical domestic buyer. Speculators, despite being a different type of buyer, are generally thought to be in the same group as investors. Speculators and buyers are very similar in their requirements and in their search and acquisition of property. Investors are still finding good opportunities for investment both here and abroad.

  • Jan 29 2008

    Personal Security

    Personal security is something most people have been taught by their parents, lessons which we tend to forget or ignore from time to time. Here are a few reminders and thoughts to keep in mind:

  • Nov 09 2007

    Tips for Investors Hunting the Next Gem

    Investors won’t be discouraged by the state of the housing markets. Buying low is what investing is all about, irrespective of the commodity.

  • Oct 05 2007

    Whale Watchers!

    Not quite the Taj Mahal, this home has views over Gordon’s Bay towards Cape Town over Gordon’s Bay Harbour, Bikini Beach and the coast line past Strand. Dock your yacht and unpack in this low maintenance face brick home.

  • Sep 17 2007

    Investors Buying Florida

    Price crashes in the Florida (USA) property market are the buying signals for the astute investor. California’s wealthy have earmarked Florida for their property investments – to capitalise on the lower taxes and the favourable house prices. Investors from the UK account for some 21% of the states overseas buyers.

  • Southern Suburbs, Cape Town