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Apr 16 2014

Tenant Credit Scoring

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It is the tenant’s responsibility to make sure that the rent is received, so the tenant has to show proof of payment (for example, a bank-deposit slip). If a tenant can’t do so, notice in terms of the lease agreement can be given to the tenant and a court order for eviction may be sought

The tenants duties are to:

  1. rent-paid-on-timePay the rent. This is the most important duty. Tenants should always pay the rent, on time, and in the manner agreed upon;
  2. Take good care of the property being leased; and
  3. Return the property to the landlord, at the end of the lease, in the same good order and condition it was in when received.

Technically, a tenant who has not paid rent is in breach of contract.

Over time, the TPN database has grown to become the most comprehensive and up to date authority on tenant behaviour in South Africa, covering both the residential and commercial sectors of the market.

As a result, TPN has built an enviable track record for professional expertise, supported by dynamic, unique products specifically for the property business. TPN gives the ability to perform credit report enquiries; and has longstanding associations with the two leading international consumer credit bureaux – Experian and TransUnion.

TPN services allow for:

  • Specialised credit screening for the property market including rental payment history
  • Reduce risk with our free tenant notifications
  • Blacklisting of defaulting tenants
  • Update of tenants rental payment behaviour
  • Recovery of bad debt with there network of landlords

 TPN’s unique database stores the payment behaviour of tenants. This information forms a payment profile, which assists the landlord in making decisions with regards to affordability and willingness to pay when placing a tenant. TPN also SMS’ the tenant, to advise them of their credit record status, thus encouraging timeous payment;  and assisting tenants in building a rental credit record.

(TPN is a registered credit bureau, in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA) No 34 of 2005, registration number NCRCB08.)

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